55 minutes of writing dribbles

2 Dec

I’m hungry, real hungry. Godzilla hungry, bleeding in the ear type hungry. I’m stuck in this chair for the last 5 hrs and it’s driving me insane and I can’t leave until it’s done. Fuck. My ass is hurting, I never sit this long on a shitty chair. I’m writing out of boredom not trying to be clever but I have to do something constructive otherwise I will go Wolverine’s berseker rage. No, I’m not gonna tell you why I can’t leave my chair because it’s not important and it’s trivial. One more hour dude, just hang on buddy, you can do this, you’re the man, you’re da man. I haven’t done ‘personal’ blogging that’s got nothing to do with film (other than my shitty poems) ‘cos its just seems too easy writing about anything. you can even write about taking a shit and someone will appreciate your writing. No shit. So I’m just gonna write shit (not about shit hopefully) and dribble nonsense to kill time. So it will not be well constructed, thought provoking or witty or endearing. It will just be nonsense.

But you know what? since I’ve been writing my ass is not hurting anymore. How about that? Wonder why that is? Maybe it’s got something to do with channeling your concentration to do something worthwhile so your brain sends a signal to your ass to stop hurting. So just now I stopped a beat to re-read this nonsense and well it’s still just dribbles but at least my ass is not hurting anymore. I’m still hungry though. Gonna get a big meal after this is done. I saw a picture from Pizza Hut Dubai (I think) they have cheeseburger pizza on their menu and it was frakin awesome. Brilliant concept. Cheeseburger and Pizza together. Genius concept. It’s like drinking beer and eating peanuts at the same time. Anyways, in about 40 minutes, I’m done, I’m outta here. I was writing an article about the coolest loners in cinema so maybe it will be done soon. I was thinking of writing ‘Why zombies are cooler than vampires’ but I don’t know if that’s a bit trendy and common, but I genuinely love zombies though and I despise vampires in general. It’s bullshit how movies and novels portray vampires as these tragic romantic figures. I don’t see how being immortal with amplified speed/strength is considered ‘tragic’. Zombies on the other hand are the soulless undead searching for fresh flesh and they don’t look like that dude from twilight. Now that’s tragic. The only cool vampire is Cassidy from Preacher comics because he hates those pretentious romantic vampires wankers.

Ok, my ass is starting to hurt again. I guess the brain signal is weakening or I have to up my concentration to lessen the pain. Pain…..painnn….I should get up a bit and air my ass a bit. Hold on. Ok I’m now writing standing up aaaand it’s no good. Hang on.

I’m sitting down again. Ass still hurting but hunger is lessen, the hell is wrong with my brain signals. 25 minutes to go. Almost there, “you can do it!” (in a Rob Schneider’s voice). Everybody hates him, he’s one of the most hated comedian ‘cos he’s Adam Sandler’s freelancing beatch but I don’t mind him. Every time he says “You can do it!” it always sends a smile to my face. Almost 6 hours sitting on this crappy chair. 6 fucking hours. The end is near, its almost to the finishing line. Time to take a break again. “You can do it!”

Hunger, pain, hunger, pain…..15 minutes

I think Paul Verhoeven is an underrated genius director.

Old people are cool.

Why am I thinking of kriss kross’ “I missed the bus”?

The Mayans were pussies.

Ok, time’s up. I’m outta here.

Ass is numb as shit.



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